Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hello From Porquerolles

Where am I? Well, I am far from London, in a small island called Porquerolles, near Hyeres. This is close to where I grew up. It feels weird (in a nice way) to be back. 
I had forgotten the cicadas, the sun and the sea. It is all slowly coming back to me. What took me so long?
There is something magic about living on an island. The wild beauty, the golden sands followed by the cliffs. It is a different world. Time to recharge the batteries.


  1. Stunning Muriel! When you get back from your idyll, come and see us...

  2. Looks totally beautiful, and the perfect place to escape the everyday grind of London. Have a wonderful trip, Muriel!

  3. Thank you Flora. I used to go to Porquerolles all the time. Why did I move to London again?

  4. Thanks, Caro! How are things on your side?