Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My British Friends And Their Locals

There is something about my British friends. It took me a long time to put my finger on it, but I think that I have nailed it. Finally. They all seem to know all about locals and pubs. How do they do it? Where is such a knowledge coming from?

Just to give you a few examples: I wanted to meet up with a friend and fellow blogger for a catch-up on a Friday evening and she instantly knew somewhere ideal on Wardour Street, in Soho because it was nice and at the same time not too crowded. Maybe it is in the British genes. I really wonder.

Another time, I met up some old colleagues in a wine bar close to Embankment. It was small, busy and quite trendy. When I mentioned this to my current colleagues, the British ones knew instantly where I had been. How come? How did it happen?

My British friends are a walking encyclopaedia of where to unwind and have a glass of wine/beer/soft drink after work or after a meeting, wherever the meeting can be. I must have missed a trick somewhere. Is there a guide that I have missed? I really wonder. I have to research, ask and check to find the right venues. They get it instantly and effortlessly. How come?

Well, I suppose that I will have to work hard on my Britishness from now on...I have a lot to do. I'd better get started. Cheers to that!

And, if I need a little help -as we all do from time to time, I can always have a look at bars in London...enjoy the new year!


  1. Don't forget your Irish friends - they no even better places for the craic!

  2. Ah, but once inside that little bar on Wardour Street the friend and fellow blogger remembers you being able to find your way around the cocktail list like a pro! (She also reckons it's about time for a few more drinks one of these depressing January evenings...)

  3. It is indeed very depressing, isn't it? I wonder what your next trip here. It looks like I am staying in London the whole time...Depressing indeed.
    name the day and we will do something.

  4. My Irish friends are pretty good at this too. You are right!